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Turkish steel export prices as a whole fell
2017-04-14 06:27:25

Turkish steel export prices as a whole fell

Before the constitutional referendum, Turkey's domestic market demand, coupled with lower international steel prices, Turkish steel export prices as a whole fell.

In terms of volume, the latest export quotations for steel mills fell below $ 520 / t (FOB), and domestic mills were also trading at $ 535-545 / t (steel price) and $ 5-10 / t depreciation.

A service center said that recently received 500 US dollars / ton of steel mills ex-factory price, weak domestic market demand makes steel more concerned about the export market. Resources to Europe are quoted as low as $ 515 / t (FOB), but because the CIS offer is lower, the price is not competitive in the European market.

Hot volume market weakness also make hot galvanized sheet market pressure, allegedly steel prices at the same time down the ex-factory price and export price of 20 US dollars / ton, the overall point of view, the majority of steel mills or slightly down the listing price. At present, 0.5mm hot galvanized sheet export price of 715-740 US dollars / ton, ex-factory price of 730-750 US dollars / ton.

Long profile export market also showed a weak trend, rebar export price of 430 US dollars / ton, down 2.5 US dollars / ton, overseas buyers orders cautious, basically only accept back to back transactions.

Is expected to short-term market demand situation will not be significantly improved, coupled with the impact of China's steel export prices, the late export prices in Turkey may also fall space.